I Fight Bears
Based in London, United Kingdom

Founding date:
19th June, 2012


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Fist Of Awesome


I Fight Bears is an ultra-sexy micro development house based in North London. Founded by Nicoll Hunt, I Fight Bears focuses on delivering original, offbeat games for a wide variety of platforms.


Early Years

Nicoll spent the majority of his childhood correcting people on the pronunciation of his name, and assuring them that it was in fact not a girl’s name. One of his earliest development efforts, Fat Ally 2, was described as "The worst Amiga game that daylight has touched" by Amiga Future magazine.

Baptism of Fire

Nicoll graduated from the University of Dundee, and quickly progressed through the ranks at Codemasters from fresh-faced graduate to hairy-faced Lead Programmer. After making significant contributions to the successful Colin McRae Rally series, he moved back to Scotland to work with Visual Science and Realtime Worlds. His work on APB's much lauded customisation system is a notable highlight from that time.

From Real to Reel

Leaving Realtime Worlds, and the games industry altogether, Nicoll moved to London and into film post-production. However, the call of games proved too strong and in his spare time, along with Spilt Milk Studios, developed the iOS title Hard Lines. Often described as "The Unholy Lovechild of Snake, Tron and Geometry Wars 2", Hard Lines became a critical darling, receiving an 8/10 Edge review and earning a Metacritic rating of 86%.

The Birth of I Fight Bears

After the success of Hard Lines, Nicoll realised his long-held dream of founding the excellently-named games company, I Fight Bears. Leaving the security of full-time employment he reduced his working hours and devoted the majority of his time to I Fight Bears' debut game FIST OF AWESOME. Originating from a Valentines Day game created for his girlfriend, FIST OF AWESOME combines time travel, lumberjacks, a talking hand, homicidal wildlife and a surreal sense of humour.

Overnight Success

Working as a largely solo developer, Nicoll ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the project and moulded the disparate elements into a heartfelt love-letter to the golden age of scrolling beat-em-ups. In the process he created "the greatest time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up of all time" and the first (and hopefully last) game to feature a bear-themed strip club, Bare Bears. Soundtracked by the enviably talented Brendan Ratliff, FIST OF AWESOME was released in October 2013 to wide critical and commercial success for iOS, Android and OUYA platforms. The PC & Mac versions followed in 2014, culminating in the Steam launch on 4th July 2014 aka Indie-Bear-Dance Day.

Present Day

Nicoll currently resides in North London, and despite all evidence to the contrary, is an animal-loving vegetarian.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "iOS and Android Game of the Week - FIST OF AWESOME" - Pocket Gamer
  • "Nominated for Most Innovative Game - Hard Lines" - Pocket Gamer Awards 2012
  • "Nominated for iPhone/iPod Touch Game of the Year - Hard Lines" - Pocket Gamer Awards 2012

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Team & Repeating

Nicoll Hunt
Head Honcho, Programmer, Designer & Artist

Brendan Ratliff
Composer, Freelancer

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